Our Planet

Sustainable Farming

In all sectors of production, we are continuously vigilant of ensuring sustainability of the resources we use, whilst producing top quality cattle for an ever-growing market.

How We Ensure Sustainability
  • Our backgrounding practices are designed around the sustainable use of pasture to improve not only the fertility of the soil and quality of the pasture, but also to lower the cost of production.
  • All vaccines, antibiotics and growth stimulants used are registered products and are used in accordance to the registered prescription. An active antibiotic surveillance programme is followed to ensure the safety of the product we produce. All personnel working with these products are highly trained and skilled to do so. A constant evaluation of the protocols is followed.
  • Post mortems are done to determine the cause of death and these records provide valuable management information to aid us in managing animal health in our production systems.
  • Our feedlot was the first feedlot to receive a Qsure accreditation, which encompasses ISO.

BioGas Initiative

Beefcor is a part of the first commercially viable biogas project in South Africa. The Bronkhorstspruit Biogas Plant, which is owned and operated by Bio2Watt, is situated on the Beefcor Bronkhorstspruit feedlot and provides proximity to the main fuel suppliers and grid access, as well as our storm water collection dams.

All manure produced on our feedlot is used for co-digestion to produce methane, which in turn is used to generate electricity. In late 2015, the plant generated its first power into the national grid.

This initiative addresses a wide range of issues that South Africa faces, mainly:
  • Creates storable, renewable energy that is cleaner than fossil fuels
  • Reduces environmental impact by converting waste into energy, ensuring the quality and sustainability of grazing pastures and reducing the risk of contaminating water sources
  • Creates direct and indirect employment opportunities for our country, which experiences high levels of unemployment

To learn more about the Bronkhorstspruit Biogas Plant, visit Bio2Watt

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HESC Initiative

Beefcor is also involved in the conservation and sustainability of endangered species in South Africa in conjunction with the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

All the meat from mortalities at the Beefcor feedlot is donated to the HESC, assisting their commendable conservation efforts. Our donations not only ensure the survivability of severely endangered species, but also ensure that no meat unfit for human consumption will find its way into the human food sector.

To find out more about the initiative and how you too can make a difference to our vulnerable animal species, visit the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.