Our Services

Livestock Procurement

Beefcor procures livestock directly from primary producers. If you have any livestock for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to arrange a visit to your farm from one of our advisers. Transactions are done in a professional manner, ensuring that the producers receive a market-related price for their livestock. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our producers.

Feed Procurement

Beefcor procures feed directly from the source, whether it be from farmers or millers. We pay special attention to the quality, sustainability and ethical nature of the feed we procure. Transactions are done on a professional basis and we believe in creating long-term relationships with our suppliers.

Feed Sales

Beefcor produces and sells high-quality, scientifically formulated and mixed feeds to farmers. Totally mixed rations, cattle, sheep and horse feed are sold in bulk and bagged form, directly from the feedlot. Custom mixes can be mixed and ordered on a special request.

Custom Feeding

Beefcor provides a service to any prospective or active cattle feeders who do not want to invest in the setting up of their own feedlot. Custom feeders will have access to competitively procured feed - raw materials, quality feeder calves, highly qualified management and skilled staff, nutritional and veterinarian services, accurate data recording and traceability and effective marketing channels. All custom feeding arrangements are tailor-made to the needs of the prospective feeder, with financing options available.