Our Story

Our History

Beefcor was started in 1973, forming part of Incorporated Cold Storage as part of the red meat division.

Initially only 1000 head of cattle were fed at Gouda Feedlot, as it was originally known, this number grew over the years to where we market over 70 000 cattle per year.

The name Beefcor Feedlot was adopted in 1996.
Beefcor (Pty) Ltd was created.

The senior management of the red meat division got the opportunity to do a management buy-out of various assets.

Beefcor rebranded to create a recognisable brand in the industry.
Equity transaction completed between the Al Mabroor fund and Beefcor management.
our story - feedlot
our story - beefcor feedlot

Our Operation & Supply Chain

1. Procurement

Beefcor procures feeder calves directly from primary producers and believes in building long term relationships with producers, seeing producers as partners, ensuring long-term sustainability in quality production. We further pay special attention in the procurement of feed materials to ensure optimum production in the production stages.

2. Growing

Beefcor pays special attention in growing cattle in a scientific and ethical manner whilst ensuring that all animal welfare needs are taken care of. All management and staff are qualified and skilled in the care, husbandry and production of animals. An active data recording system, utilising the latest technology, is used to ensure sustainable, safe and cost-effective production, whilst providing full traceability from point of origin to delivery at our customers.

3. Slaughter & Processing

All cattle are slaughtered in a humane manner utilizing the best technology to reduce stress and ultimately ensuring a top quality product. This ensures that we can deliver a top quality product to the market.

4. Sales & Marketing

Beefcor places great emphasis on building lasting partnerships and collaborations with our customers, which in turn helps them effectively address market demands.

our team 1
our team 2

Our People

Working at Beefcor

Beefcor is an industry leader and innovative company that employs over 140 people. If you are looking for career diversity and advancement within the cattle industry, you will find it at Beefcor.

We endeavour to
  • Provide continued training and development of all staff
  • Employ the correct people in the correct position to ensure fluid company operations
  • Provide practical learning positions for prospective students and post-graduate students
  • Provide opportunity for post-graduate studies
  • Provide a safe and healthy place of employment
  • Provide an agile and adaptive work environment
  • Promote and develop leadership on all levels of the organisation.